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2022 Wix Holiday Ecommerce Tips & Tricks

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Boost your online sales and be a champion of the holiday season with these tips and tricks.

Free Shipping

While this may seem like a no-brainer, offering free shipping to your customers is a good way to encourage them to make a purchase through your e-commerce site. You can also limit the free shipping offer so that it only applies on purchases over a set price. Learn how to set up free shipping and all of the available features through Wix.

Buy 'X' Get 'Y' Free

This tried and true method is a great way to get extra orders this holiday season. Offering a buy "item" get "additional item" free coupon on your e-commerce website is sure to bring in extra sales. You can also configure this coupon so that the cheapest item in a customer's cart will be the free item.

Coupon with a Minimum Order Amount

Offering a coupon such as 10% off is a great way to add a little extra incentive for your customers. But offering that coupon only if they spend a certain amount is an even better way for you to reach your sales goals. Learn how to create a coupon for your online store that can only be used when a customer's subtotal exceeds a certain amount.

Gift Cards

Not the physical kind! Did you know you can sell digital gift cards? Offering digital gift cards is the perfect way to gain new customers as well as build loyalty with existing customers. Setting up digital gift cards is simple and easy. As a bonus, you can also utilize digital gift cards for online booking too!

Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is the best way to keep customers coming back to your e-commerce website. With the loyalty program through Wix, you can boost sales, increase retention and keep customers happy. With the loyalty program, customers accumulate points by performing set actions. They can redeem these points for coupons or rewards set by you through your online store.

Additional Resources

In addition to the awesome features and tactics above, check out the 2022 Wix Holiday Ecommerce Prep Guide and the 15-step checklist for Holiday Ecommerce to learn more on how you can optimize your online store for success. You can also learn how to limit coupon usage to control how and when your coupons are used.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from the Trailblaze PVD team!

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